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About the photographs on this site:

All images on this site were taken by Christopher Holt.


A true 70's child having spent most of my childhood absorbed in flares and supersize shirt collars in London. Nowadays, I'll only wear them if I'm going to a special occasion ;)

With family influences from England, France, and Mauritius, I guess I'm a born traveller, always curious about the people on this planet of ours. The fact that I photograph my destinations comes from an appreciation of each place & time plus a desire to record the moment for posterity.

I am based in London and undertake various commissions. I also shoot stock photography for publishers. I graduated in Civil Engineering in 1994 and started my freelance company in engineering and photography in 1999.

What connects photography and civil engineering you may ask? Well it's not as complicated as it may seem. The bond is simply society - a photographer reflects the society he sees, and a civil engineer builds a world for society to live in.

Photographer and artist:
A member of the Association of Photographers - with past published works in magazines, brochures, galleries.
I also undertake PR commissions, construction photography, company portraits and weddings.
Set up my company following keen interest as an amateur photographer and artist.
Now combining civil engineering and photography disciplines within a company format.

I began this website back in 1999 and keep updating it as often as possible.
There are now a few sites - for my london & travel portfolio work, for my photography library & for construction:
www.christopherholt.com and www.capturedsight.com plus a civil engineering photography site called www.holtcivils.com

This website is dedicated to my mother, who began my love for London with her marathon walks of the capital. None of the work you see here would have been possible without her support and encouragement.

My artistic inspiration came from my Grandfather (who painted landscapes of Dorset) and my Grandmother (who saw that I needed an artistic outlet). None of the French galleries would exist if it weren't for Janine, my French godmother.
My family inspired me to get the most from life too.

Pretty varied as I like to keep life interesting -
Japanese, French , Spanish, Honours Degree in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Building & Civil Engineering. Interactive Multimedia, Graphic Design, Life Drawing certificates from Central St Martin's. I especially enjoy drawing & painting which probably shows in my compositions on this site.


Photographer & Artist - all my life; professionally since 1999.

Construction photography:
www.holtcivils.com for a better description.

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