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16 Battersea & Vauxhall

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London Pictures & Galleries

These galleries cover the major landmarks of Trafalgar Square, St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, plus the River Thames, Southbank, Docklands plus Chelsea and Battersea... Christopher Holt is a local photographer who sells prints plus image licenses to magazines and businesses.

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London Travel Photography

I have been shooting my photography around the capital for around 5 years now. I have lived here all my life but it has only been recently that I decided to get out there and shoot the streets as I saw them. I began shooting images in the summer evenings and built up a photo library of images from around the capital.

These include the obvious destinations such as Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park, St. James's Park and Buckingham Palace, but my favourite destination , and one that has seen remarkable progress over recent years has been the Thames, especially from the Southbank. The metropolis reveals its most beautiful form at dawn and ends with spectacular sunsets and floodlit buildings and bridges in the evening.

My stock library now contains hundreds of photos - along the Thames, from Greenwich to Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, past the Eye and all the way down to Hampton Court in the west.
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Holidays in London

For an unrivalled selection of hotels in London take a look at the London Nights website. With hotels set at locations throughout the capital, there's something to suit your every need.

If you are deciding to have a holiday in London, I think it's quite important to know where the best places are for taking photos. Here is a short walk that you can do, starting at Vauxhall Bridge, where there is both a tube and a train station:

Start walking along the Southbank - one of the best places to view the most picturesque areas. The journey can start at Vauxhall Bridge and continue to the London Eye, with Westminster facing you from across the river. You can continue along the path until you reach the City, St. Paul's cathedral and Tower Bridge if you really have the energy and also the time. Besides Vauxhall Bridge lies the MI6 building which featured in recent the James Bond film. This is superbly quiet area, far from the traffic of the West End, from where you can admire Westminster and life aboard the River Thames. Even the Londoners unwind by the river !

See the bbc website for more info on the weather in Britain.

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